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August 17, 2010
VOL. 10, Issue 3

August 17, 2010
At the Pig's Ear Tavern, 144 Brock Street


The Dog Days of Summer Open Mic
Music. Poetry. Fiction. Whatever you like. Whatever you have. Bring it. Demand it. Make it happen.

Pull out your crowd-pleasers, bring on your sleepers, open the book on the one you never thought youíd read aloud. Bring your guitar, your clarinet, your tambourine. Itís the Cooked and Eaten Dog Days of Summer Open Mic at the Pigís Ear Tavern.

Itís also the last Cooked and Eaten event. Ever. The series has been running for ten successful years and itís time to bring it to a close.

For our last event we are having a party and inviting everyone to participate. Weíre finishing the series with our popular Dog Days of Summer event and, as always, opening the platform to you and anyone who would like to play a song or read a piece of writing.

Image of Pig's Ear Reading

As an added bonus, this year we are going to make the open mic a benefit for C&E contributor Kelly Pflug-Back. Kelly has been reading at the Cooked and Eaten since before she was old enough to drink in our venues. She is now a published award winning poet. She is also, at the time of this writing, detained at Vanier Centre For Women, having been recently accused by the Toronto Police of being an organizer of the Black Bloc. To them Kelly is a criminal, to us, she is a writer and humanitarian who is responsible for a free food program, harm reduction program and other community support activities in Guelph, Stratford and other cities in Ontario. Some of her poetry was just published by ditch Magazine and posted as Leaf Pressí Mondayís Poem.

And to cap it all off the Cooked and Eaten will be introducing a brand new Peterborough band, The Chemical Beauty, who will guarantee that the last event of the Cooked and Eaten will go out with a bang. This quartet of talented musicians includes Chad Tremblett of the Ireland Brothers and newcomers Lachlan Chislett, Steve Cooper and Drew Hoult.

This event to celebrate Kelly, The Cooked and Eaten and you is Tuesday, August 17th at 8pm at the Pig's Ear Tavern. It will be open to both literary and musical performers. Come out and read, play, sing and enjoy a free hot dog on the patio.

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Bio: Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, originally from rural Ontario was first published at the age of fourteen as a winner of This Magazine's Great Canadian Literary Hunt. She began her career as a writer performing in bars that she wasn't yet old enough to drink in. Since then she has won awards from The Elora Writer's Festival and The League of Canadian Poets well as having been featured in ditch Magazine, Leaf Press, Up The Staircase, Tongues of Fire and various other chapbooks, reading series, and journals including Takeout, the print publication of The Cooked and Eaten.
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