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posted Aug 10, 2005

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Hello to readers and fans of the Cooked and Eaten Reading Series,

  • New Season Dates

    It's time to set up the 2005/2006 season so this is our first call for readers.

    For those of you who know the drill, here are the available dates:

    Oct. 3, 2005, Nov. 7, Dec. 5, Jan. 2, 2006, Feb. 6, Mar. 6, Apr. 3, May 1, Jun. 5

    Please let me know when you are interested in reading. Also be sure to check out the
    ARTSWEEK special event - 20 Minute Word Project - we're looking for six readers to complete.

    You may have noticed that there are more readings this year. That's because I've decided to expand the series and I've enlisted the help of the new "Cooked and Eaten Cutting Board of Directors."

    We're now going to have readings on the first Monday of every month. Because of the popularity of the venue, we're going to stage the regular readings at the Gordon Best Theatre again this year. We'll be holding special events at other locations, so if you have an event or location in mind, let us know.

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  • For Newcomers

    For those of you who are new to this list, The Cooked and Eaten is a small-scale, casual and fun reading series which has been running in Peterborough for five years and is going into its sixth season. The series is overseen by me, Esther Vincent, former co-owner of Marginal Distribution, with the help of the newly formed "Cutting Board."

    The Cooked and Eaten features local writers including Jan Thornhill, PJ Thomas, Ursula Pflug, David Bateman, and a great many others, as well as touring authors who, in the last year have included Hal Niedzvieki, Emily Pohl-Weary, Penn Kemp, Stan Rogal and many more.

    We are currently trying to expand the roster of readers and the size of our audience so come check out the series and let everyone know about the readings.

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  • Gala Event - Sept 12

    Our first gig this year will be a gala event held on September 12th. All six of the board of directors will be reading - Pamela Brown, Andrea Forsell, Emily Glasspool, Ryan Kerr, Ursula Pflug and Esther Vincent

    There will be snacks and drinks and after the reading we'll all enjoy the unplugged stylings of the Backburners.

    The rest of the season is about to be booked. Check the web site for details.

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  • Special Events

    Special events for the coming season will include:

    Artsweek, Sept. 24-Oct. 1 - The Cooked and Eaten 20 minute Word Project

    Penn Kemp performing her new sound opera "Animus" - tentatitve date Apri. 3, 2006

    A reading by George Fetherling in late October

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  • ARTSWEEK event

    The 20 Minute Word Project, September 29th, 2005, Gordon Best Theatre 8:00

    Six writers will be chosen to compete in this inaugural event that will test their mettle.

    As the audience comes in, they will be encouraged to write an inspiring sentence on a slip of paper. The sentences will be gathered in a hat as they are created. Once the six writers are introduced, one sentence will be pulled from the hat and read aloud. The writers will then be given twenty minutes to write up a storm using that sentence at some point in their piece. The audience will be encouraged to write as well, if they wish.

    After the twenty minutes are up, the writers stop. They then present their work to the audience. After the works are read, the audience will be asked to pick a winner by a show of applause. The winner will receive a small prize that is yet to be determined - suggestions are welcome.

    After the winner is chosen the evening will then be opened up to the audience to read their creations at the post show open mic.

    This should be an exciting and challenging event. You won't want to miss it. If you are interested in participating as one of the six readers, let me know ASAP

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  • Trent Radio

    This year's program will also, for the first time, offer all C and E authors the opportunity to read their work on Trent Radio and, with any luck, to be included in the fantastic mix of radiofreepeterborough (check out ).

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  • More Details

    The readings take place on Monday nights at The Gordon Best Theatre, 216 Hunter Street, West, Peterborough, Ontario in a comfortable bistro atmosphere. Food and drinks are available at the affiliated Only Cafe downstairs. There are generally four twenty minute readings per night, beginning at eight p.m.: two authors followed by a break and then two more. Authors often sell copies their publications on the display table, so if you like what you hear, you can take some home with you.

    Both fiction and non-fiction writers are welcome, as well as playwrights, poets, lecturers and performers of any kind. The only requirement is that the word must be central to the performance.

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  • How to read

    If you, or someone you know is interested in participating in this year's series. Interested readers may contact Esther Vincent at If you are new to the Cooked and Eaten, please let me know who you are, where you are from and what kind of work you do. If possible, attach a small sample (5 pages prose or 5 poems) for us to review.

    We look forward to another great season with more readings, more readers, more audience and more words.

    See you there!


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    [to be join the cooked list please send a message and let us know who you are and we'll be happy to add your name to our list.]



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