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Jan 15, 2007 Call for published writers* interested in appearing at the Cooked and Eaten Reading Series in Peterborough, Ontario.

The Cooked and Eaten Reading Series in Peterborough, Onatrio needs published writers* (*as per Canada Council standards) for our 07-08 season application. If you have at least one professionally published book under your belt and would like to read for the 07-08 season, send me your address, phone number and publishing list. If I include your info in my application and we are accepted for funding I may be able to pay you scale fees and travel expenses to come to a reading.

Publishers, please send a list of writers who you'd like to have appear at a Cooked and Eaten next season. The Canada Council is looking for fiction and poetry writers. Please keep in mind, however, that outside of this funding application, the series is open to non-fiction, memoir, travel writing, academic papers, etc. Readings are twenty minutes each. Four readings are presented at each event.

*Canada Council restrictions:
Invited writers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and must have been published professionally at least once before the application deadline. Eligible publications include a complete book of fiction, short stories, poetry, drama, children’s literature or literary non-fiction that lends itself to a public reading.
Writers are limited to 14 Canada Council-supported readings within a two-year period.
Ineligible Writers:
Requests for authors of travel guides, bibliographies, cookbooks, exhibition catalogues, instruction manuals, self-help books, scholarly books, textbooks, chapbooks and specialized reference works are not eligible for support from this program. Authors whose publication lists include only self-published books, or works in anthologies, literary magazines, community newspapers, free or student newsletters or newsletters of associations or other organizations are also ineligible.

For full information on the restrictions of this grant please go to:

NOTE: Ineligibility for the grant does not mean you can't participate in the regular series, it just means that if we have you read you won't be paid scale fees and we can't cover your travel. You will be given a small honourarium for your reading, however.

ALSO NOTE: Because the Cooked and Eaten tries to present a diversity of forms of writing from fiction to free verse and from story telling to lecture we will be looking for all kinds of writers, but only a few of each style. If you are not familiar with the sSeries, have a look at the web site and send me two or three pages (Max) of your work and let me know what you plan to do with your reading.


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