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Call for Readings - Deadline Feb 15, 2008

The Cooked and Eaten is looking for writers interested in Canada Council funding for readings for the 2008-09 season.

The Cooked and Eaten will again be applying for funding through the Canada Council’s Literary Readings, Literary Festivals and Author Residencies program and will be including up to 24 professionally published writers (as per Canada Council standards*) for our next regular season. The season begins October 2008 and runs to June 2009. The readings will (usually) occur on the first Monday of each month. Tentative dates are Oct 5, Nov 3, Dec 1, Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2, May 4, June 1, 2009

Please read the Canada Council guidelines below* and if you fit the bill and would like to read for the 08-09 season, send me and e-mail with:

mailing address:
phone number:
website - if you have one:
bio (250 words or less):
list of publication(s) - must have at least one:
award(s) - only if applicable, list top two or three:
anticipated travel costs to Peterborough:

- applications with incomplete information will be less seriously considered
- if you expressed interest in the 2008-09 season earlier this year (before Jan 25th) by e-mail or in person, it wouldn’t hurt to send this info again so I have it all in one place and to remind me that you’d like to read
- please don't make me go to your website to find information, that's like applyiing for a job by saying they can find you at home to pick up your resume

I will review the submissions and choose up to 24 writers for our application. I will be looking for a broad spectrum of writing including fiction, poetry and literary non-fiction. I will also be looking for writers who have new books out between 2007 and 2009.

If I include your info in my application and the application is accepted, you will receive a $125 fee for a 20 minute reading as well as modest travel costs. At this time, we are usually restricted to bringing artists from Central and Eastern Canada, however this may change. If you want to come from a distance and are wiling to help find alternative/additional travel funding or sponsorship or are already on tour, this will help our chances of a successful application.

For the rest of you: Non-fiction, memoir, travel and academic writers, unpublished, struggling and new writers, performance poets, spoken word performers, storytellers, essayists, and technical writers please keep in mind that the cooked and Eaten still welcomes your interest in reading for the upcoming season. The Cooked and Eaten seeks to create the most diverse list of readers possible, so please let me know if you'd like to read. Also look for our upcoming call for the 2nd annual Poetry Marathon and for our other special events, or if you are a member of TWUC, LCP or PGC, let me know.

* Canada Council Invited Writers Guidelines

Writers are limited to 14 Canada Council-supported readings within a two-year period. The current period runs from 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2010. A host may invite the same Canada Council supported writer only once in a two-year period.

Invited writers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and must have been published professionally at least once before the application deadline. Eligible publications include a complete book of fiction, short stories, poetry, drama, children’s literature or literary non-fiction that lends itself to a public reading.

Illustrators of children's books are eligible, provided they have illustrated the complete text of a work.

Literary translators are eligible for joint readings when they read with the original author of the translated work.

Ineligible Requests

Requests for authors of travel guides, bibliographies, cookbooks, exhibition catalogues, instruction manuals, self-help books, scholarly books, textbooks, chapbooks and specialized reference works are not eligible for support from this program. Authors whose publication lists include only self-published books, or works in anthologies, literary magazines, community newspapers, free or student newsletters or newsletters of associations or other organizations are also ineligible.

Requests for support of conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions, fundraising events and book prizes are not eligible. Literary Readings for writers not yet determined at the time of the request will not be accepted. Also, this program will not support any readings for which honoraria and travel costs are funded by another Canada Council program or through a national organization funded by the Canada Council.

Authors who sit on a board or executive committee of an organization that has applied for funding are ineligible to receive Canada Council support through these programs for the period during which the host organization has applied for and received funding.

If you are unsure if you qualify, call Luisa Guglielmo, Program Assistant at the Canada Council: 1-800-263-5588 or (613) 566-4414, ext. 4577

I look forward to hearing from you and to planning an excellent new season.


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