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Call for Poets - Deadline April 16, 2008

The Cooked and Eaten
Poetry of Everyday Life Twelve Hour Poetry Marathon
12 hours of continuous poetry from 9am to 9pm, Friday, April 18th, 2008

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John Lawrence reads in his gas station.
Calling all poets! After the overwhelming success of last year's Poetry Month marathon, The Cooked and Eaten is holding our second annual marathon event.

To make this happen we need at least 48 poets (last year we had 90) who would be interested in taking part. Poets, lyricists and all writers of verse are called to present their work aloud in restaurants and cafés, on street corners, in shopping malls, on the bus, at school, next to a tree in a forest with no-one there to hear it...

Last year we had poets contact us from Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Nanaimo, Calgary, Winnipeg, and beyond. This year we'd love to hear from more poets on the East Coast and Quebec. Stand up and represent your city! Please pass this info along to others who would be interested. More poets, more poets, more poets!

All we need to know from you is that you are available to read on Friday, April 18th between 9 am and 9 pm and have up to 15 minutes of poetry. If you can find someone to audio record, photograph or videotape your performance we will create an archive of this material as it comes in.

We will put out a program, on-line and through our mailing list, a week before the event showing where and when poets are reading so that your fans can find you.

Don't be shy. This is about bringing poetry in all it's forms into all the corners of daily life. If you've got fifteen minutes of poems, or can make one poem last 15 minutes, you're in. If you aren't a poet, but have a favourite poem or three you'd like to read, you're in. If you're not sure if what you do is poetry, get in touch and we can figure it out. If you do performance poetry or spoken word, all the better. If you know a number of poets, get together to read for an hour or share 15 minutes.

If you are interested in participating please
send the following information:
phone number:
preferred time(s):
length of reading:
location of reading*:
planned method of recording, if any (photographs, audio, video, artist rendering):

[To submit: highlight and copy the above form, paste it into an e-mail by clicking send, and fill in the info.]

Poets can arrange to read together or alone, in front of an audience or unattended, recorded or live only.

* Poets in Peterborough: We will be organizing an evening at the Gordon Best Theatre. I will need four to eight poets to read there. We will also be looking for groups who want to organise blocks of readings for their members. Let us know if you'd like to be one of those groups.

**Also for Poets in the Peterborough area: A group of people will be arranged to record performances. If possible we will arrive at your chosen location and photograph or record your performance.

Take this opportunity to be part of a fun, heartening day of guerilla poetry. Stand up and be heard coast to coast.

We now have a Facebook group where you can post your photos, videos and comments about the day:
facebook group sign up image and link


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