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SEPTEMBER 29, 2005
VOL. 6, Special Edition/Side Dish

The 20 Minute Word Project
Sept 29, 2005
Cinema 379, 379 George Street N., 8:00pm

The is a very exciting special event in conjunction with ARTSWEEK PETERBOROUGH.

The audience provides a menu of appetising sentences by throwing ideas into a pot. The writers are then given 20 minutes to cook up a masterpiece using one sentence selected from the pot. All six writers use the same sentence. The writers then read their results outloud. The audience, or taste testers, choses a winner from the gourp. They will then have the opportunity to challenge with their own inspirations that they've written using the same sentence.

A literary spectator sport.
The Iron Chef of writing.
Can you resist the smell of bar-be-que?

Featuring the brave competitors:

Tim Etherington
Tim Etherington is a 5' 10", 170 pund left winger. Blessed by good first step acceleration and excellent lateral movement, he effortlessly negotiates his way through the most tangled of syntax. After spending five seasons in the T.O. Literary Leagues, he returned two years ago to Peterborough - the cradle of junior hockey and uppity bohemians. Now a full-fledged Oldtimer, Tim must adapt his writing style to the contingencies of career, family and sll sorts of other middle-class trappings. While he may have lost some of this trademark provocation, Tim can still surprise with a timely turn of phrase or profane, gamebreaking outburst.

Janette Platana
Janette Platana has been writing for a long time, but has only started writing short stories in the last few years. She will present "Three Stories About Stars", from a collection called Triptychs.
Her Honour, Mayor Sylvia Sutherland
Sylvia Sutherland is Peterborough's finest mayor. Sylvia ws a journalist with the Toronto Tellegram and teh Orillia Packet Times and was the host of a regular interview program on CHEZ TV. She surrently writes a regular column in the Examiner and has also been an avid and very much appreciated supporter of artsweek and the arts community of Peterborough.

Hilary Wear
Hilary Wear is very happy to have been given the opportunity every sreative person desires - the time and space dedicated to some away from family and wage work and really be present - in her case 20 minutes is all that she can surrently imagine and thus, she's gonna giver!

mystery guest - Jim Hendry
Jim Hendry is the editorial page editor of the Peterborough Examiner. He has worked there and lived in Peterborough for 23 years and this is his first attempt at writing fiction. the Examiner has been an outstanding partner in covering and promoting artsweek and demonstarting their commitment to arts, heritage and culture.

Ray Barker
Special guest from the audience.


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