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OCTOBER 29, 2005
VOL. 6, Special Edition/Side Dish

Oct 29, 2005
At the Bierk Studio, 383 George Street N., 8:00pm

A party to present a writer and a play.
A costume party from then and now.
A chance to meet the author and subject of a new script in development.

Come out to the Bierk Studio in costume or not to see George Fetherling read and to see a scene from a new play based on his autobiography about his youth in 1960's Toronto by Esther Vincent.

An adaptation of George Fetherling's autobiography "Travels by Night," the script is set against the backdrop of the literary renaissance of late sixties Toronto.

On New Year's Eve, 1969, 21 yr old Fetherling steals away from a party to scribble down a few lines. He is a bit overwhelmed by who is there at the party with him. A junior editor from a big publishing house might offer him a book contract, Gwendolyn MacEwen, a beautiful aquaintance is interested in a conversation and Allen Ginsberg is looking for Fetherling to be his guide while he's in Toronto.

Fetherling's enjoyment of the occasion, however, is marred by the appearance of his abrasive, alcoholic mother and the legless gambler that he worked for as a teen in West Virginia.

Fetherling is trying to make his way in this new-to-him world of sex, drugs and literature while dealing with the ghosts of his past life in an America he detested but from which he was born.


George Fetherling
George Fetherling is poet, novelist and travel writer who lives in Vancouver. His latest books are a long poem, Singer, An Elegy (Anvil Press) , and a novel, Jericho (Random House). His best known one, Travels by Night: A Memoir of the Sixties, is being adapted for the stage by Esther Vincent.

Esther Vincent
Esther Vincent manages to find time to hash out plays in between gigs as a stage manager, director, arts administrator, and excerciser of racehorses. Several of her scripts, including Widget World, The Dastardly Deed, and The Missing Euchre Player have been produced in Peterborough. She is currently working on a theatrical biography of George Fetherling, called Travels by Night: Bookmaking '69 and a monologue for a Mysterious Entity theatre production about women and sanity.


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