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MARCH 6, 2005
VOL. 6, Issue 7

March 6, 2005
At the Gordon Best Theatre, 216 Hunter Street, W., 8:00pm

Jason Dickson
Jason Dickson is the editor of Clearance: Selected Journals of Dr. Michael Purdon, Parapsychologist (Bookthug, 2002), and the publisher of the little magazine, The London Reader.

Leah McLaren
Leah McLaren is a columnist and feature writer for The Globe and Mail. She spent two years in the UK as the Globe's London Arts Correspondent. The Continuity Girl, her first novel, is published by HarperCollins.

Jan Thornhill
Jan Thornhill lives in the woods near Havelock, Ontario where she splits her work time between fiction and children's books and spends the rest of her time eating entirely too much and obsessing over slime moulds and birds.

Pat Walsh
Patrick Walsh is the author of many plays and performance art scripts which have seen production in Peterborough, Ontario since the early nineties, such as PENT, PLAYPEN, DAE FOR NON, FOR OUR HOUR, THROUGH TIN CUP AND LIGHTBULB, and the recently produced SHADOWS THROW MISSILES.


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