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August 22, 2006
VOL. 11, Special Issue

dog days poster Poster by Ursula Pflug DOG DAYS OF SUMMER

At the Pig's Ear Tavern, 144 Brock Street, W., 8-10 pm,
before the regular music open mic.

Hosted by Emily Glasspool

The Cooked and Eaten Cutting Board presents, for your dogged enjoyment, the dog days of summer open mic at the Pig's Ear Tavern on August 22 from 8-10. Not just a dog and pony show you'll want to dog-ear that page of your calendar and come out to see this friendly dogfight of words. We'll even feed you hot dogs. So if you make a dog-leg to the east from George Street and dog-paddle your way to the Pig's Ear you'll be doggone glad you did. Free admission to anyone wearing houndstooth, wait it's free admission to everyone (although we won't say no to a small donation). If you'd like to read, get in touch or just drop by with a 5 or 10 minute piece.



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