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SEPTEMBER 26, 2006
VOL. 7 Special Edn. #2
The 20 Minute Word Project

September 26, 2006
At Cervantes Restaurant, 211 Hunter Street, W., 8:00pm
Admission $5.00

The 20 Minute Word Project, initiated as part of Artsweek in the fall of 2005 is returning this year for a second round. The evening promises to provide engaging and entertaining on-the-spot writing created right before your eyes. It is a contest that tests the writers' quick thinking, ability to edit on the fly and skill in whipping up a worthy piece of work in only twenty minutes.

The rules are very simple: Audience members add choice sentences into a collection pot at the beginning of the evening. One of those sentences is pulled out and read aloud to the audience and to our six special guest writers as the essential ingredient in their work. They are then given 20 Minutes to cook-up a literary delicacy that must use that sentence in it's entirety. Should it go at the beginning, middle or end? That is up to the writer. How effective has it been used? That is up to the audience.

After the allotted 20 minutes, each writer reads their work aloud for the audience's adjudication and appreciation. The most successful creation is chosen at the end of the readings by gauging audience applause. The winning author receives a special prize befitting their literary prowess.

It's a great night of suspense, struggle, perseverance and fun.

The Iron Chef of Writing - Six writers, one sentence, twenty minutes. Who will win?

This year our guest writers are:

Emily Glasspool

Emily Glasspool is a Peterborough based theatre artist, writer, musician, actor and the Artistic Director of Mysterious Entity. She has studies writing with Orm Mitchell and Tomson Highway and co-wrote and co-starred in Pool For Love with David Bateman. She has written for the 24hr Project and SEASKUM and recently wrote one of the monologues in Skiting the Edge for Mysterious Entity and is currently writing a one act play entitled The Black Diamond.

Brian Mitolo

Brian Mitolo is a writer and director. He lives and works in Peterborough.

Paul Rellinger
Paul Rellinger has been an editor with Peterborough This Week since the newspaper's inception in 1989. His weekly column, People 'n' Places, has been published ever since, earning Paul two Ontario Community Newspaper Association awards as Top Humour Columnist as well as second-place honours in the same category. In addition to People 'n' Place, Paul also writes Weekend Wanderings, a preview of local weekend entertainment and arts events published each Friday.

Linda Slavin

Linda Slavin is currently running for Mayor of Peterborough. She has run in the past for the NDP at both the provicial and federal levels. She has worked on Social Justice, Environment and Peace issues and worked internationallly and provincially on dommunity development issues as a consultant and manager. She writes poetry in the middle of the night. Kate Story

Kate Story is a performaing artist and says she has never written in her life, but we know that she has written for stage and for publication. She is currently working on 16 things including a novel.
Mystery Guest

This year's mystery guest turned out to be Billy Ditchburn who won the Zuchini Poem contest at the Millbrook Fair in 2004.

update: Billy Ditchburn took the prize at this year's 20 Minute Word Project with a fantasic piece which used this year's sentence: "Life is long, people are small and contain two elements, curiosity and kindness."

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