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February 12, 2007
VOL. 7, Issue 6 and Special Issue #3

At Artspace, 378 Aylmer St, 8:00pm

The Cooked and Eaten Presents
A Night of Erotica with

Doug Back
Doug Back has been making art works by collaging electronic systems together with computer programs since 1979. He has shown in Germany, France, Holland, Mexico, Italy, the USA and throughout Canada. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, where he teaches in both the Integrated Media and Sculpture/Installation Departments. He won the prestigious Canada Council-Petro Canada Award in 1989. Doug Back lives in Norwood, Ontario.

Sara Berniker
Local writer and video store clerk Sara Berniker enjoys trashy cinema, long walks on glass-strewn beaches, and everything that Stephen King ever wrote. Look for the premiere of her original plays at the PAU in April.

Mike Morritt
Michael Morritt is a Peterborough based filmmaker, musician and writer. His films often explore the dark and disturbing sides of the human condition, while his music styles range from classical guitar folk to the deranged techno-punk of his alter ego Pablo Woman. As a writer, Michael has produced a few short works, as well as screenplays and longer works of fiction. Along with his psychotic writing partner Murno Gladst (who is still at large), he has published (and by published I mean snuck onto the shelves of the library) a number of deeply deranged children's books, some vile poetry and scads of truly horrific short fiction.

Cathy Petch
When Cathy Petch first found the power that dirty words and thoughts had, she got drunk on them. She overused them, and flung them around like so many airborne spores. Then she grew up and continued to flourish in making people uncomfortable, sickened, shocked and slightly turned on, in a shameful way. Now you showed up and have to listen to her spew her filth without regard for grammar, your feelings, or anything.

Now Cathy has transformed herself into something even more offensive. A dirty rotten whore who loves her embarrassing wardrobe and ways: Tits Mc Gee. Is she hiding behind this persona? Is this really who she is? Do you even care? Just buy her books, "You Make Me Sick", and "It's Our Day: an International Women's Day Supplemental." Also coming up is a collection of poems dedicated to the opening of a new theatre space in Peterborough, called "Upon the Opening of Your New Space." Writing as Cathy Petch, she has been published by Word Works in their collection "There's Something Terrible About a Collection of Guitars." She has also been published in "Mass", "Jack" and "The Hunter Street Hummer" magazines.

Special guest MC: Emily Glasspool

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