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Nov 5, 2007
VOL. 8, Issue 6

November 5, 2007
At The Gordon Best Theatre, 216 Hunter Street, West, Peterborough, 8:00pm

Roy Carless
Roy Carless has been a prolific political and labour cartoonist with roughly a 50 year history of publication. He was a protege of The Star's Duncan MacPherson, who was very influential in the trade until his death. MacPherson spoke highly of Roy's work, and sponsored his membership into the American Cartoonists' Association. Roy was also active directly in the local labour scene, as a chief steward for local 504 of the United Electrical Workers and working on the Workmen's Compensation Committee for the local, presenting cases before the Toronto adjudication board. He was producing cartoons for over 20 labour publications each month at the same time, and still working on the appliance assembly line at Canadian Westinghouse in Hamilton.

Carless Cartoons (Seraphim Editions), with a biography of Carless by Kerry Schooley, is a retrospective of Roy's work along with many of those stories and some background political history about situations depicted in Roy's cartoons.

Bob Snider
Singer-songwriter Bob Snider has played on the street and in the concert hall. He's been called a "national treasure," a "living legend" and "author of some of the best Canadian songs of the decade".

Gaspereau Press will be publishing "On Performing" this fall (2007) as a follow-up to "On Songwriting".

Bob Snider is touring in this area with his new publication. He will be speaking about the book and performing music.


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