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ARTSWEEK, from September 24 through October 2, 2005, is the first annual celebration of Peterborough's extraordinary arts community.

Organized by the Mayor's Centennial Celebrations Committee in honour of the City's one hundredth birthday, ARTSWEEK will be a 10-day extravaganza of arts events that will showcase the artists and arts organizations that make the cultural life of this city hot!

ARTSWEEK will present a dazzling array of exhibitions and performances in and around the streets of the downtown and will offer the public an opportunity to participate in making art, to go behind the scenes at rehearsals, to see exhibitions created, hear new music and dance to original choreography.

Peterborough's reputation as a creative city is one of our most important assets. ARTSWEEK will highlight the imagination and achievements of the people who contribute to the development of the rich and distinct cultural fabric that makes this city unique.

Dawn to dusk, on the street and off, come and taste all things cultural happening right here in Peterborough at ARTSWEEK.

Performance Spectacle
Ceremonial Presentation to City Council
Press Conference
Monday September 12
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
City Hall
500 George Street North


Come watch a bit of magic and see the arts in action!

Saturday September 24
dance marathon
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
George Street between Hunter and Simcoe Streets

DANCIN' IN THE STREETS wants you to put on your dancing shoes, come on downtown and be a dancing fool…!

Renowned local contemporary dance choreographers Kate Story and Bill James have created an original dance for ARTSWEEK and YOU are the dancers.

Bring your sports team, your grandmother, the staff at your store and join the dance captains and celebrity performers from all across the city in one unforgettable, public dance extravaganza. Live music will be provided by Curtis Driedger and company! Then carry on dancing with the city's hottest d.j.'s!

Rendezvous at 3:00 pm at Fleming Park, Millennium Park, Confederation Park OR Victoria Park and join the jive to George Street for 4:00 pm.

If you come in a decorated hat or bring a delegation with zany headgear, you can enter the Hot Hats competition and your non-profit organization could win a $500 prize!

So put your left foot forward and come on downtown where it'll all be happening!

For information on delegations or individuals, call Anne Castle at 742 – 7777, ext. 1487 or Bill Kimball at 745-1788.
Produced by Public Energy.

Saturday September 24
Showplace Peterborough
290 George Street North
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

So you want a career in the arts?

The ARTS TRAINING SHOWCASE is a one-stop shopping opportunity for everything from entry-level to advanced professional training in the arts. Drop by, check out the possibilities and sign up for classes and workshops.

Organized by Tammy Duncan, Showplace: 742 – 7469.

Saturday September 24 – Sunday October 2
visual arts window installations
opening Monday September 26 at 12 noon, George & Hunter Streets
downtown stores

Blink and it's gone! Have you noticed a work of art in a downtown store window?

BLINK is a unique project, sponsored by the DBIA and the host store owners, that joins artists and merchants in a one-of-a-kind, storefront exhibition.

Watch as 10 storefronts in the downtown become mini-galleries with works created by local artists.

BLINK opens with a walking tour of the windows on Monday September 26 at 12 noon. Meet the tour guide at the Uptown Music window on the corner of George and Hunter Sts.

Or pick up a BLINK postcard and follow the map to find the art!

You won't believe your eyes!

Sponsored by the Downtown Business Improvement Area & local merchants.

Saturday Sept 24 – Sunday Oct 2
various locations & times

You may have been to opening night and been astounded by the performance. But how did they get to be so good?

OPEN REHEARSALS will give the public an opportunity to attend an actual rehearsal for a play, a concert or a dance performance. Watch the artists in action and see how directors and conductors shape the final product.

Meet the artists, ask questions and opening night will never be the same!

A full schedule of events and venues is listed on the OPEN REHEARSALS postcard.

Organized by Tammy Duncan, Showplace Peterborough: 742-7469.

September 24 – October 2, 2005
media arts exhibition
Cinema 379
379 George Street North
continuous play & occasional performance

SIDEWALK MOVIES features 7 silent short films and tapes by local artists. The street front window at Cinema 379 is transformed into a screen on which silent films are projected. That's the vision side of the project.

Local performers will appear from time to time busking outside 379and "scoring" the films, with live sound, music and action on the sidewalk. That's the sound side of the project.

The films will play continuously throughout the week. Live performances will happen on occasion, when you least expect it!

Curated by Lester Alfonso and organized by the Sound & Vision Collective.

Monday September 26
open houses
various locations & times

ARTS OPEN is a city-wide cultural open-house for the entire community, sponsored by the dozens of professional arts organizations in Peterborough.

Come and see where the arts professionals work. ARTS OPEN lets you go behind the scenes and check out how concerts, exhibitions, dance performances and other events come to be.

Your guide to this event is the ARTS OPEN postcard that includes a map and a listing of participating organizations, with individual open house dates and times.

Organized by Tori Owen, Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.

For information call: 742 – 1992.

Tuesday September 27
5:00 pm
Little Lake

The Legacy Group of the Mayor's Centennial Celebrations Committee invited professional artists residing in the Province of Ontario to submit proposals for the design and fabrication of park benches to be installed around the perimeter of Little Lake in honour of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the City of Peterborough.

More than 75 artists applied. Eight projects were short-listed and drawings and maquettes were submitted by the artists. Three benches were selected and commissioned.

Join us for the grand unveiling of the BENCHMARKS project and see these imaginative and visually stunning creations! Meet the winning artists Caroline Langill, John Ireland and Michael Fortune. Relax, sit back on a bench that is truly a work of art and enjoy the view of our beautiful city.

Thursday September 29
writing marathon
8:00 pm
Cinema 379
379 George Street North

The City's writers are cooking up a hot contest to celebrate ARTSWEEK!

It's a pressure-cooker designed to test the literary metal of 6 of Peterborough's finest word masters!

The audience dreams up the sentences and the writers have 20 minutes to concoct a masterpiece from randomly selected audience offerings. A spectator sport like no other! A cultural marathon! The audience picks the winner and has a chance to challenge the pros with their own prose delicacies!

Sponsored and produced by Cooked & Eaten.

For information call Esther Vincent at 743-7124.

Friday September 30 & Saturday October 1
performance art event
2 tours nightly: 7:00 pm & 7:30 pm
various outdoor sites

Join the ALLEYWAY WALTZ and play audience to original theatrical works in unique and seldom-seen places.

With a host leading the way, the journey begins at the Millennium Park Boathouse and follows a walking path through Peterborough's downtown alleyways, where local theatre and dance artists have created original works designed to take advantage of unique urban settings.

Tours take 1 hour and 45 minutes and will end at the Peterborough Arts Umbrella OPEN HOUSE, 378 Aylmer Street North, where refreshments will be served and audience members can unwind.

Artistic Directors: Laurel Paluck & Phil Oakley.

Presented by Public Energy.

For information call Bill Kimball: 745-1788

September 8 – October 6, 2005, daily
Peterborough Examiner

If you're a games fanatic or an arts aficionado, we have the quiz for you! Wrap your mind around the IMAGINE PETERBOROUGH CULTURE VULTURE QUIZ, a cumulative puzzle that will appear in the Peterborough Examiner during ARTSWEEK.

Every day, beginning September 8 and running through October 6, the Peterborough Examiner will print one question from the CULTURE VULTURE QUIZ. Questions will span the last 100 years in Peterborough and will cover all areas of the arts.

The answer to each question will contain ONE designated letter.

For example, What is the first letter of the last name of this world famous jazz musician, composer, arranger, and winner of countless awards, including the Order of Canada, who plays a valve trombone?
Answer: (Rob McConnell) the letter M.

The designated letters will spell, in order, a secret phrase.

To win the CULTURE VULTURE QUIZ you must uncover the correct secret phrase AND provide the correct answer to all 25 questions!

Winners will receive a Culture Vulture basket of Cultural Goodies. Created by: Linda-Sue Donim

Wednesday September 28
evening art walk
7:00pm – 9:00 pm
Tour starts at the Russell Gallery, 165 King Street @ 7:00 pm
various locations

The ART CRAWL is an exciting chance to see painting, photography, and sculpture in places expected and unexpected!

This guided tour of art galleries, studios, artist-run spaces, restaurants, and cafes throughout the downtown will provide the art aficionado and the newcomer alike with an up-close look at the local visual arts scene.

A guided tour begins at 7:00 pm from the Russell Gallery, 165 King Street. Or follow the map on the ART CRAWL postcard!

The evening will wind up at 9:00 pm at David Bierk's Studio, 383 George Street North where all art crawlers and participants are invited to the opening reception of SUIT SHOOT from 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Wednesday September 28
photography exhibition
7:00 – 10:00 pm
David Bierk's Studio
383 George Street North

SUIT SHOOT is an exhibition of photographs taken by non-professional photographers. The aim of the project is to engage the energies of professionals outside the arts and culture sector in the process of making art.

Fifty of the City's movers and shakers will be asked to use a camera to "Imagine Peterborough" and will be sent on assignment to take a photograph of their favourite place in town. Guest "shooters" will be given a disposable camera courtesy of Black's Photography and Bierkart Inc. Photographs will be produced by Trent Photographics. Curators Su Ditta and Liz Bierk will select one photograph by each "suit" for the exhibition at David Bierk's Studio.

Come to the opening reception from 9:00 – 10:00 pm with music by Phauna.

For information call Liz Bierk, Bierkart Inc., at 749-0767


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