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April 17, 18, 19 2008 (VOL. 8, Issue 11)

The Cooked and Eaten presents a three day celebration of Poetry Month.

April 17 - 19, 2008 - Visiting Poets
April 17 - 19, 2 - 6 (ish) pm, Market Hall in the Gallery - Public Office Hours for bill bissett
April 17, 7 - 9 pm, at the Holiday Inn - Get to Know bill bissett
April 18, 2008, 9am - 9pm - Poetry of Everyday Life Marathon
April 19, 2008, noon - 6pm - Workshops for poets and writers

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Read for the Poetry Marathon
Poetry Marathon
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Marathon Schedule
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Marathon Poster
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For Poets

Visiting Poets

bill bissett, named by Jack Kerouac as the "greatest living poet today," has remained at the cutting edge of poetics and performance works for forty years and is one of Canada's most original and widely appreciated poets.

Vancouver poet, Elizabeth Rhett Woods has published five books of poetry and three novels, including Beyond the Pale (Ekstasis Editions, 2006) and the underground classic The Yellow Volkswagen (PaperJacks, 1971). Her poetry and plays, including the 90-minute verse play Maya (Tuesday Night, 1974) have been broadcast on CBC Radio.


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bill bissett Office Hours

bill will be holding public office hours at the Market Hall, 336 George Street, Apr 17 - 19, aproximately 2 - 6 pm (2-5 on Thurs, 2:30 or 3 - 6 on Fri). During this time anyone who is interested is welcome to drop by to meet bill and talk about poetry, painting, life and anything esle that fits the moment. Take advantage of this inspiring artist.


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Get to Know bill bissett at the Holiday Inn

At this informal evening at the Holiday Inn Lounge bill bissett will give a short reading and be available for conversation, signings and questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Refreshements will be provided. 7-9 pm, Peterborough Holiday Inn, 150 George Street


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Cooked and Eaten Poetry of Everyday Life Twelve Hour Poetry Marathon.

Here's an HTML version of the schedule.

On April 18th, between 9am and 9pm a bunch of poets are going to seemingly spontaneously stand up (or sit down) and read poetry for 15 minutes in various locations all over Canada. You could be one of those poets.

The Poetry of Everyday Life Marathon, a twelve hour marathon of poetry readings in unique locations by poets of all ages and stages in their careers, takes poetry out of the salon and makes it available to a wider audience in diverse and unique venues including bus stops, ferries, sculpture gardens, gas stations and more. Each reader who signs up arrives at his or her chosen venue at the appointed time and reads for up to 15 minutes to the assembled audience and to passers by who happen upon the event during the day. (Find out about last year's marathon here.)

The way it works: at 9am one poet will read 15 minutes of poetry where they are (or have arranged to be). As soon as they're finished another poet is going to stand up somewhere else and read for 15 minutes, when that poet is finished, another poet will start reading in yet another location. The poets could be anywhere in the world and be reading alone or in a group, in front of an audience or alone in a hallway, their own poetry or someone else's. You could be one of those readers. If you have poet friends, get them together and read for an hour or share 15 minutes.

Each reader who signs up receives a printable .pdf of a Cooked and Eaten poster to put up and flier to hand out at his or her chosen venue explaining the event to passers by.

Once the list is full, we will distribute a schedule of all the marathon poets on the web page and to the Cooked and Eaten email list, which goes across Canada and is added to several other poetry lists and newsletters.

Poets are encouraged to read outdoors or in public spaces, and to create documentation of their reading, whether video, audio, still photography or a combination of the above. These documents will be posted the Cooked and Eaten Poetry Marathon Facebook Group and on the website.

If you are interested in participating please send the following information to
phone number:
preferred time(s):
length of reading:
location of reading*:
planned method of recording, if any (photographs, audio, video, artist rendering):

For more deatails check out our call for poets.

Join in and feel the love of poets across the country around the clock.


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  • Sat, April 19, noon, at the PAU
  • work n play with 7 approaches 2 poetree with bill bissett
    sound vizual  narrativ  politikul  lyrikul
    spiritual  metaphysikul  naytur  non narrativ  going thru thees n mor writing group pomes  writing group sound pomes  using th ethiks uv randomness
    reeding n listning 2 each othrs pomes  n
    commenting  lerning n unlerning  th huge array uv approaches n nuans talking abt th works  freeing each vois n finding th place s alwayze changing
    xplooring sound  image  asking  asserting  n finding th breths uv beings

    th realizasyuns uv dreems etchd in th luminous tray  uv longings  desires  feers  holdings  th words ar all parts uv  speech  yernings   letting them thru disturbing  murmurs  symbols  kolours   sounds  uv th erth  how th words can touch  moov us  our mytholojeez uv permanens  cries  skreems  poetree wun uv th most ancient uv arts

  • Sat, April 19, 2 pm, at the PAU
  • Make a Poetry Chap Book with Jessica Rowland
    Multi-media artist Jess Rowland leads an energetic workshop in the creation of poetry Chap Books using techniques in hand layout, printing and copying, binding and trimming. Participants will walk away with at least one hand made book of their own poems.

  • Sat, April 19, 2 pm, at the Market Hall
  • Don't be a Fridge with Esther Vincent
    In the first year of recording Cooked and Eaten events, upon listening to the recordings, it was discovered that a number of readers' voices could scarcely be heard above the hum of the fridge and other ambient sounds. This workshop is designed to bring out the best in shy and inexperienced readers. Esther Vincent will cover basic posture, breath work and vocal control, timing, pace, using visualisation to engage the audience and developing confidence in presentation.

  • Sat, April 19, 4 pm, at Black Honey
  • How to Get Published with Ursula Pflug
    Ursula Pflug's workshop will discuss market research, manuscript preparation, cover letters, and working with editors.

    Ursula Pflug has over fifty published short stories in professional venues in Canada, the US and the UK.

  • Sat, April 19, 4 pm, at the PAU
  • Word Lottery with Elizabeth Rhett Woods
    Word Lottery, in which participants contribute to a list of favourite words and draw five of the listed words to write a poem using as many of the five words as they can.

Workshops will cost $10 per participant. Space is limited to 15-20 participants.

To sign up for any of these workshops, send an email to


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bill bissett
kissssing in yellow
kissssing in yellow - bill bissett
bill bissett is one of Canada's most original and widely appreciated poets. The author of more than 60 books of poetry, he has twice won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize - in 1993, for inkorrect thots, and in 2003, for peter among th towring boxes - and received the Milton Acorn People's Poet Award in 1991. In the 1960's bissett founded blewointmentpress, and co-founded Very Stone House. During this time, he garnered international attention as a pre-eminent figure of the counter-culture movement in Canada and the U.K. A pioneer of sound, visual and performance poetry, bissett consistently extends the boundaries of language and visual image. He has remained at the cutting edge of poetics and performance works for almost forty years. bill now writes and paints out of studios in Vancouver and Toronto.

bissett's charged readings, which never fail to amaze his audiences, incorporate sound poetry, chanting and singing, the verve of which is only matched by his prolific writing career - over seventy books of bissett's poetry have been published.

Check out some bill bissett mp3s here.

Elizabeth Rhett Woods
Elizabeth Rhett Woods was born in Prince George, B.C., and grew up in Kamloops and Vernon.

Her professional writing debut was a half-hour play, A Way of Loving, on CBC Radio's Introducing, in 1968, followed by other radio plays, including a 90-minute verse drama, Maya (1974), and most recently, Life and Death Along The Gorge, on OutFront, in 2000.

Her first novel, The Yellow Volkswagen, was published by Simon & Schuster, Canada, in 1971, followed by The Amateur (PaperJacks, 1980). Her third novel, Beyond the Pale, a story about limits, temptations, and consequences, was published by Ekstasis Edition in 2006.

Her first book of poetry, Men, was published by Fiddlehead Poetry Books, in 1979, followed by Bird Salad (Moonstone, 1990), Family Fictions (Wolsak & Wynn, 2002), and The Absinthe of Desire (Ekstasis Editions, 2004).

Her latest book, 1970: A Novel Poem, is due out from Ekstasis in September, 2007.

She lives in Victoria.

This event is happening with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, The City of Peterborough, Peterborough Arts Umbrella, Black Honey, Market Hall

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